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Join a Tournament and compete against other players. Tournaments are played in real-time against opponents.

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Tournament will allow winners upto maximum limit shown by the denominator in this cup icon


Winning Prize is displayed on each Slot/Tournament

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Practice the game initially with free tournament


Enjoy Gaming with Multiple Tournaments


Pick the Number Shown in “Pick to Win” from the Scrolling Numbers


Be the winner by Picking winning number within the Tournament Time and Before the Maximum Winner Limit is Reached.

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How To Install


You’ll receive an SMS with the download link

Got any Questions?

Here are the frequently asked questions and the responses

Game Play & Tournament

How to join a Slot/Tournament?

1) Click the JOIN button to open any slot/tournament you wish to join to Play&Win.

2) After opening any slot/Tournament click the confirm button to pay the entry fee needed to join.

What are the requirements to join any Slot/Tournament?
Tournament/Slot should be active with time not ended, locked and have not reached maximum winners limit
How to win a slot/Tournament?

1) From Scrolling number tap the winning number shown in “Tap to score”.
Correct Number: +100 points
Wrong Number: -50 points and you will lose one life.

2) Rank are assigned for the players according to scores on live. (Cup Icon) denotes the maximum number of ranks declared to be winners.
All Players between Rankls #1 and the number shown in (Cup Icon) will be the winners after the Tournaments is completed.

How are scrolling numbers ordered in any Slot/Tournament?
Scrolling numbers are ordered completely random. Order Changes each time you reenter the tournament/ picked a wrong or manually hit refresh icon provided in the play area. A Winning number repeats frequently in a few minutes if the scrolling order is not changed. For more information with respect to each Slot/Tournament click on the info icon in the play area.
When will the Slot/Tournament complete?
Tournament/Slot is considered complete once the tournament time ends or if the maximum winners limit is reached. Once the tournament is completed, no new winners are allowed and no new users are allowed to join the tournament.
What is the value of Pakado Coin?
One Pakado Coin is equal to One Indian Rupee.

Payment & Withdrawal

How do I deposit funds in my wallet?
Enter the amount of money you need to fund your wallet and click pay to redirect to a secured third party facilitator page to pay using various modes of payment like credit/debit card, UPI, Google Pay, PayTm etc. Funds will be deposited to your Deposit balance within a few minutes of successful transaction.
What is the Winning Prize if I win any Slot/Tournament?
Each winner will be rewarded with the Final prizes shown after the Tournament is completed.
When will the Prize be distributed to my wallet if I win any Slot/Tournament?
If you win any Slot/Tournament the Final Prize will be distributed to your Winning Balances within a few minutes. Unless otherwise we have any technical difficulties or verification pending, during which we will distribute the Prize within 12 hours. However it is your responsibility to inform the support team if you see if your prizes are not distributed to your wallet.
What are taxes applicable on the Winning Prize?
As per the Income Tax Act 1961, if your individual winnings for a single Slot/Tournament are more than Rs.10,000, tax of 31.2% will be deducted. The remaining amount (68.8%) will be credited to your winnings balance. For e.g. If you win Rs.1,00,000, tax of Rs.31,200 will be deducted and your actual winnings are Rs.68,800.
Can I Withdraw all the coins available in my wallet?
Deposit Balance cannot be withdrawn. Only Winning Balances are withdrawable.
What is Withdrawal process to transfer coins from my wallet to my bank account?
For the First time, you need to add a bank account with name in the account matching with your profile and submit a KYC document as requested in the KYC page. Upon KYC verification, you can withdraw your coins to the bank account added
Do I need to do the KYC process every time during withdrawal?
No this is a one time process, unless you are adding another bank account having a different name in the account. Otherwise you can withdraw funds to the existing bank account

Rules & Conditions

Am I eligible to play the Pakado game if I am under 18?
No. Pakado platform is strictly prohibited for under 18 users.

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